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Saratoga Joinery Announces its Grand Opening: Woodworking MakerSpace Set to Open March 5

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Joinery has a mission to offer a safe and inclusive environment for woodworkers of all levels to learn, build and share their passion for the craft right in downtown Saratoga Springs.

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Repair, Don't Replace: Restoring Historic Windows

Historic preservationist and woodworker Lee McColgan talks about the process of restoring old windows and the benefits of repairing instead of replacing.

Guest Writer Post
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Board Member Spotlight: Mary Gage-Los

Mary Gage-Los is a founding member of the Saratoga Joinery Board and serves as Board Secretary. She dedicates her time to the Marketing and Development Committees.

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member spotlight

Sarah Winston

Sarah is a passionate woodworking enthusiast with a keen interest in creating beautiful and functional pieces from wood. She has always appreciated the art of working with her hands and discovered her passion for woodworking at a young age. With a strong desire to learn and improve his skills. Sarah has taken part in various woodworking classes ond workshops with us over the years.

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