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All members are trained on our machines and our shop is always staffed with experts.

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Shop Safety Rules

1. Machines can only be operated by woodworkers who have taken safety training, unless in a class setting.

2. Protective eyewear must be worn at all times.

3. Hearing protection is strongly recommended with higher decibel machines.

4. Loose clothing must be secured. No scarves, hoodie strings, loose long sleeves or jewelry.

5. Long hair must be tied back.

6. Open-toed shoes are prohibited.

7. Dust masks are strongly recommended when working with MDF or machines that create fine dust.

8. Check your surroundings. Make sure you have a clear workspace and the floor is clear.

9. Limit phone usage in the Machine Room.

10. Machines can only be operated by woodworkers who have taken our Machine Safety Training.

11. Outside wood or material needs to be looked over by the Shop Manager prior to use.

12. If a machine is malfunctioning, place a red status block onto it and report it to Shop Staff.

13. Make sure all saws come to a complete stop before you walk away or turn your back.

14. Unplug or use a secondary safety switch when you need to get your hands around the blade.

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