Saratoga Joinery and Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation Collaborate to Finalize 65 Phila Street Project

Members of the new Saratoga Joinery makerspace recently worked together to complete the lattice for 65 Phila Street, the historic building that Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation spent the last three years restoring to its original beauty. The lattice being the final piece of the puzzle to complete the exterior renovation, the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation has put the house for sale with the intention of selling it to someone who will complete the interior and be a good steward for years to come.

“The Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation is grateful for Saratoga Joinery’s assistance,” said Samantha Bosshart, Executive Director of Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation. “The lattice was the finishing touch to the extensive porch restoration. The Foundation looks forward to continuing to work with the Joinery and seeing them complete other projects that will benefit our community.” Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation has been advocating for the preservation of 65 Phila Street and its neighbor at 69 Phila Street for more than 20 years. After a years-long Revive 65 Campaign, supported by local businesses and community members, the project is complete and the house is on the market.

Saratoga Joinery, a new community woodworking makerspace offering classes and membership in downtown Saratoga Springs, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to make woodworking accessible to all. The organization facilitates community service projects for area organizations as part of their focus on community impact. “We have a network of talented craftspeople and an expansive, well-equipped workshop,” said Tori Colarusso, Executive Director. “We want to utilize these resources toward the betterment of our community and the greater Capital Region. We’re grateful to the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation for their partnership and support.” 

Through classes and membership, Saratoga Joinery provides a space for everyone to develop woodworking skills in a safe, inclusive and collaborative environment. Their fully-equipped shop at 69 Caroline Street in downtown Saratoga Springs provides 8,500 square feet of bright, clean workspace. Shop hours and more information can be found at Area organizations are encouraged to submit their woodworking-related service project proposals on Saratoga Joinery’s website. Questions can be directed to

Tom ripping pieces for the lattice on our SawStop!
Labeled lattice stiles - the team found great ways to communicate progress since they couldn't always come in and work at the same time!
The team created a special glue-up jig to make the curved frame.
We held our breath for the entire walk over to 65 Phila...but the frames fit perfectly on our first try!
The final products before they are passed off for painting!

The lattice team! 
From top left: Jim Brockman, Jody Terry
From bottom left: Tom Hengeveld, John Haller
Not pictured: Dave Floyd, Chris Bennett